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Wood works

Wood works

in Iran comprises Moarragh or Moarraq (an Iranian handicraft made of small pieces of different woods) and wood carving. Khatamkari is another Persian art of marquetry dating back to Safavid period. Khatam Kari is the art of decorating wooden surfaces with small mosaic-like veneers in the form of triangles made of different woods and materials. These materials include Areca wood, Ebony, the wood of Citron Tree, Jujube wood, and bones of camel, horse, and cow.

The oldest item of Khatam-Kari art is dated back to the Safavid period, however, there is no evidence when the art started exactly. There are some similar works in other countries such as Syria and Lebanon but the cradle of Khatam-Kari is Iran.

Isfahan city has been the main center of Khatam working in Safavid period but, then it became popular in Shiraz. It is used to produce some objects such as backgammon board, chessboard, Quran rack, Frames and small boxes.