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Artist and co-worker

    Taratiti services to selling co-workers

    1. Presenting their products and their details among other website products for selling
    2. Sending monthly selling and its detailand services report

    Special services for continues selling accounts:

    1. Brand or website introduction and representation of the product next to its details
    2. Special advertisement of one of their products (by their choice) each month
    3. Placing of one of their products (by their choice) among special products
    4. Placing of one of their products among special offers (if desired)

    Registration fees for selling co-workers in return of the website services

    • Selling of 10 items in the time lapse of 3 months is free of charges, after 3 months has passed or starting from 11th product 1% of the item price is taken for the services fee
    • The post fees are paid in case the post and packaging are on done by Taratiti
    • Amount of 5$ should be paid for one month advertisement (optional)
    • Amount of 10 cent should be paid for placing their product in special product part (optional)